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Updated 7/17/10


Welcome to the home of Wine 4 Everybody

I want wine4everybody , (w4e), to be like no other website you have ever seen.  I want it to be a place where we can share ideas and knowledge freely.   A spot where those who are new to wine can converse freely with those of us who have had a bit more exposure and experience with wine.  We will cover a wide range of topics, from how to store your wine to the best serving temperature for wines. We'll explore the still changing views on the health benefits of wine and share our special finds and great deals.

As time permits, I will write reviews on the wines Lía and I have found.

Once the blog is up and running we'll use it to expand our horizons beyond the world of wine.  To open up the dialog in both directions and exchange ideas about all the essentials to living "the good life".

From time to time I do consutling work in the vineyard industry, and I'll share some of my experiences with you.  And I look forward to hearing your related tales.  You can see some photos of my own personal project on Building a vineyard.

Lía is originally from Argentina and she is an artist, with her own line of greeting and note cards.  You will  soon find them on our Store and Gift Page along with some of our better finds.

I hope you enjoy your visit to w4e and we hope you will return often and share our enjoyment of wine, food and the finer things in life.


Music is "Perfil Bajo" by Lucio Arce

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